Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Happiness is one of those things we all strive for, seek when we have lost it, and take it for granted when we have it.  In my philosophy class in college we had a heated debate regarding the word happy. It was interesting to hear the different view points about this five letter word. I truly believe that happiness is a choice (and I still have an 8 page philosophical essay to back up why I feel that way). Granted sometimes it is a difficult choice to make when life has thrown you a curve ball. Yet, if you choose a smile, and give it all to God, you can find the glory in each and every day.

Sometimes, you have to DECIDE to be happy. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon is something I read after taking the 4th grade teaching position at a tiny school district in Eldon, Iowa.  Cardinal Community School District is a dynamic district, always seeking ways to ensure positive vibes are being cast out to our students, families,  community, co-workers and the world in which we live.

This past week, Cardinal Community School District is taking time to celebrate our greatest asset; our KIDS!!!! It is Student Appreciation Week; therefore, we have had many fun activities for students to enjoy. We just want them to know how much we appreciate having them in our classrooms. One very special project was inspired by the awesome video from Pharrell Williams, "Happy."  It seems to be our mantra, which coincides with our motto to "Do No Harm."  We do whatever we can to make our kids happy not just educated.  We developed this video to show all the world what happiness in education looks like.

We had a crew who filmed kids dancing, having fun and had enough footage of giggles, laughter and joy that we could have created a, "made for TV movie." However, I condensed it as much as I could, and am delighted with the outcome.    Share it, spread it,  sing it, shout it and please, please, please get up and DANCE TO IT!!!!