Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cancer...the monster is real

Monsters...as a parent you understand there is a variety of them in this world. The imaginary ones that like to hide under beds or in the closet. The snaggle-toothed ones that growl every time the furnace kicks on in the dark basement. The green ones that seem to be portrayed as a friendly, blob on tv. Then there are the ones based in real life. The bully on the bus, the dog down the street, the neighbors cat, or the creepy guy that follows your daughter a little too closely in the grocery store. As a mother, protecting your children from these monsters is a 24:7 job. However, we can never fully understand the reason some monsters suddenly attack, and when one of the scariest monsters hits we are powerless to deflect its blows. This monster is named "Cancer."

Cancer...A six letter word that is more terrifying than most of the monsters we have battled for our babies. One that brings you to your knees and tests the faith of even the strongest believers. As a mom, it is one word I pray never finds its way into my children's closets or lives.  I would gladly endure the diagnosis if it meant my babies could avoid it.  In our home, we follow no sugar and no grain (#nsng), and we do not smoke. We exercise and pay attention to labels. However, these actions do not ensure this closet monster is not lurking somewhere else; embedded deep in our genetic code.  After all, it can strike without a moment's notice, and can overtake the purest of hearts.

This past month, I was overwhelmed with emotion as I learned a cancerous monster was found wreaking havoc on a baby boy named Kai. His mommy, Mariah, and I are friends from high school. We shared many wonderful moments together and even had our first born sons the same year. Mariah is one of those women who seems to radiate joy and is able to turn the dingiest things into a beautiful work of art. She is artistic, funny, and loving. She always puts other's needs ahead of her own and does it with a smile on her face. She never surrounds herself with negativity or drama and was always positive and caring. In her adult life, she serves others as a social worker and has 7 children with her husband Gary.

Their loving family learned Kai, has T-Cell All (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)  a form of cancer that is only seen in adults. After weeks of her little baby being ill, Mariah knew this illness was a monster and insisted on more tests. His white blood count came back at a whopping 180,000.  Gary and Mariah learned this monster was destroying his organs and his body.  He was hospitalized and has been receiving chemo. However, his liver is still not doing well, so they have to stop treatments to get his liver healthy again. He is being transferred to another hospital to help with his liver, and then he will be starting chemo again.

I am calling on all parents who have ever had to chase away a monster in your child's life. Please, pray, donate and contribute to help this loving family fight for their baby boy. Help them to overcome the financial monster they are facing as they focus on getting their baby free of cancer that is hurting him daily. This family needs your prayers, support, and help. Please share this post with everyone you know. Only 7% of your friends see your posts on Facebook, and we need to get the word out. So, share it, email it and spread it.

There are multiple ways to help support this family. 
  1. PRAYER!!!
  2. Purchase t-shirts: http://crispyprint.com/kai#.Vz4oc6g8kn0.facebook
  3. GoFundMe account (It is legitimate...I checked): https://www.gofundme.com/KaiMcAlpin
  4. Give to Arves Bank to the Kai McAlpin Trust Fund.

Please stand with this family, and help keep the monsters away while they focus on not letting cancer win.  God be with Kai and his family.