Thursday, March 16, 2017

Warrior Kai, A Hero, A Legacy

A Warrior, Kai, A Hero, A Legacy

Through his eyes, the world will see a future
A cure to the pain that tries to break the small
Mighty little hero your name is destined for more
You may have succumbed to the disease, but the world
Will see new light because of your fight
Your will and determination greater than the trained
McAlpin Family Photos by Katie Cariker

Warrior, a glory-filled soul full of power

Passion fills those hearts who knew you and your brave family
Not afraid to fight and never willing to give up
They are left behind to extend your legacy
To show the world that there is more than a label
More than sickness to show for your courage

Your small body caged a warrior so great it has brought strong men to their knees in tears

They weep for the loss of an inspiration but celebrate
Your triumph over pain and suffering
Your message was clear and will be shared across the world
Your story overpowers the darkness
Your life brings light to those who are in need of a miracle

God, this mighty warrior is Yours, and all of Your glory is shed upon the Earth
because You dared to share his heroic heart with us for a short time
A life too short by human standards
But his is a story that will span lifetimes and make a difference
in all the world.
Rest in Peace, Warrior Kai, as we continue to fight for more

In honor of Warrior Kai, A Hero, A Legacy donate to the charity his family has chosen to continue his fight: