Friday, August 23, 2013


Using our Student Reference Books to find interesting information.
WELCOME ABOARD! Another year is here!   I am now the proud teacher amid a crew of some AMAZING fourth graders at Cardinal Community School District. These kids are so talented, fun, and such a great team.
Playing Number Top It

It has been a fantastic first week. The theme of my room this year is a battleship. We are the USS AMERICA and we must work together to make her float. The students must work in their battle stations (desks) to make sure we can "go with the flow." Each group of seven has a helmsman at the wheel and they are leading their ship. There are supply crews, quarters inspectors, security detail, navigators, and munition specialists, deck hands, and aquamarine specialists. They must all work together to make it get to the other side of fourth grade. 
Green Group Working Hard

Red Group working on their Walk In My Shoes poster

Blue Group concentrating on their work
I enjoyed the hard work, determination, and kindness shown to others this week. We learned about the classroom, teamwork, friendship, kindness, the power of ONE SMILE, how great it is to be YOURSELF, along with some organization and logistical info to keep us going.

My favorite activity this week would be the cup stacking activity, which they LOVED! They could not touch the cups with their hands, but had to work as a team to stack them in a pyramid. The kids had a rubber band and seven strings tied to them. They had to figure out how to work together to stretch the band over the cups and get them to the correct position before releasing the cup. It was a powerful lesson in how working as a team means you are patient and find a way to respectfully lead or follow.

Gavin uses his teeth instead of his hands.
I enjoyed listening to their great conversations. Some of the greatest quotes of the week are listed below in quotes.

"My fingers taste like cheese. I did not have cheese today." ( You should go wash your hands.)

Blue Group are almost there. 

"I am not as tough as I look."
WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" The clothespin fell of my shirt. But do not worry the pass only fell in the toilet for a minute. I got it out and washed it off." (Uhhhhh... New clothespin ... A whole new system on day two when it happened again)

" Most interesting part of my student reference book was the graph on what teenagers do all day."

"OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They used teamwork. We can do that. Let's try again." 

"I am sorry you do not feel good. can I do something to make you feel better?" 

"It is okay to be a little daft, peculiar, odd, or weird, because it is just about whose perspective you see things from."

I am praising God every day for blessing me with these kids! I am looking forward to a GREAT year, and hope I can be a better teacher for each student. May God watch over our ship and keep our crew happy, healthy and help us learn in great leaps and bounds. 

Peace and Prayers!