Monday, November 23, 2015

Every Leader Needs a little PRAYER


People in your organization are your biggest agents of change. They can make or break your district and if you want to see the growth you must value, educate and empower your human capital. The people are important because they are the ones who will be carrying out the plans set forth by leaders and administration to better the school. It is people, not programs that make something happen in a district. We can throw money at different systems, technology and curriculum, but if the people who deliver it are not quality then your changes are doomed to fail.

Relationships are vital to the success of a school. Relationships between parents, community, teachers, and educators, will help you to improve your culture, education and district.  Students must feel they are cared for and loved. The culture must be one of camaraderie and a focused shared vision. The team must have a relationship that allows for honest, constructive criticism, and growth that comes from a positive culture.

Accountability is important because we must all be willing to put forth the positive attitude and effort it is going to take to improve a school. We have to all be in it together, and work as one. Everyone must be held accountable, as we all play a role in the success of the organization. Everyone has room to grow and improve, and this needs to be embraced.

You, as the administrator,  must be willing to make changes for the betterment of the school even if it will bring about some turmoil. You have to be willing to stand up and be strong during the winds of change. You have to try new things, and be prepared to go through the process with others who might struggle and need a lot of support. You have to realize there is room for everyone to improve, and learn to read the team, so you can learn how to best lead.

Empowerment plays a key role in schools getting better. The entire facility must feel empowered and know that they are part of the improvement process. Getting people to buy in on the mission, vision and goals you can set a tone for all to succeed. It is about leading with heart and not micromanaging. You are giving them the authority to do what is needed to make decisions to help meet the goals. This way every person becomes an agent of change.

Rejuvenation is a process that should come when the growth happens. We have to celebrate and feel the power and joy in rejuvenation. Celebrate the wins, the people and take the time to enjoy the process. You have to take the time to honor the hard work of those who are focused on improving the school. Rejuvenate their spirit and their effort, and reap the benefits in a positive school climate.