Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wrestling to Make a Difference Update

Family Portrait
Education is more than just reading, writing and arithmetic; it is learning how to solve problems that will inevitably arise in your life. Education is developing the tools to figure out how to survive in the world, and how to become a citizen of humanity. Therefore, education, is not something you obtain just from sitting in a desk while listening to an expert in the field. Education is learning how to deal with the road that lies ahead, and overcoming the obstacles, which block your path. In the past few days I have learned so much about reaching the impossible and fighting for love because of the Lettington family. I am a believer in Christ, and have faith in the love of His people. However, I never expected the outpouring of love and support for this young family. I received an education in the last two days about the power of prayer, and the love of people. 

Celebrating Life's Moments
There have been 1755 viewers scattered across the U.S., Germany, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, and Mexico.  We have raised $800 to help this amazing family, and all the messages coming in have been so uplifting. This was more than I ever could have anticipated, and I am blown away by the sheer number of supporters across the world who are praying for Loren. I decided this large number of prayer warriors may want an update on his condition. Therefore, I will be breaking from my normal classroom reflection blog, and will try to piece together a story of love, determination, and hope based on the interaction from the family.

I am too cute!
Loren Lettington is a fiery soul with a sense of humor that eats away at the darkest of facades. His smile is genuine and sincere, and he is a hard working man. He is madly in love with his wonderful wife, and the love for his beautiful baby girl and sweet little boy is very evident.  He is one of the kindest, most caring individuals anyone could ever meet. This week, while at work in Germany, some very heavy equipment fell on him. It caused some major injuries to his head and spine. His brother, Richard Lettington and Loren's wife, Megan Lettington, flew to Germany to be by his side. The doctors have worked feverishly to stabilize him, and the prognosis was bleak from day one. However, he has improved faster than anticipated and is stronger than anyone even knew.

Here is the latest update from the Lettington family:
Sleepy little girl.
Loren has undergone long surgeries to stabilize him. He has no movement in his arms or legs, and was not able to breathe on his own so he had to have a tracheotomy. He was given a 30% chance of walking again. The doctors stated there was blood in his eye, but he should regain full sight. They completed a surgery on Monday to strengthen Loren's vertebrae between C-2 and C-3. Everything went very well even though it was a high risk surgery. He was responsive and wide awake.   This surgery was intended to help stabilize him enough so that he can be transported back to the U.S., and back to his family who so desperately want to hold his hand, talk to him and kiss him.

This all seems scary and overwhelming, but Richard and Megan are both sharing the tiny miracles God has given to them all.  Richard writes, "Today has been an awesome day with first us finding out that Loren will be able to eat in the future. It might seem small, but it was the first good news we've heard in awhile. " This is a blessing that we all take for granted, and I can tell you that this family is not asking for pity they are seeking prayers and support.

Together Forever
 Loren is a strong young man, and is definitely proving that now. After his surgery, the doctors slowly reduced Loren's medication so that he would wake up in 7-8 hours. However, about an hour after surgery Megan told Loren she loved him and he opened his eyes several times as he listened to her voice. The doctors stated that he shouldn't be responding because he was still heavily medicated, and Richard informed them they did not know Loren. Not only is he a fighter, but love is a powerful thing, and this is one of the best things about this young couple. Their love is pulling them through the impossible.

The frustration in learning to communicate with Loren has been difficult, but kissing seems to be a way he has found to reach out to his wife. He puckers up for a kiss repeatedly, and Megan is happy to comply with this very basic, but powerfully moving and loving request. Megan writes, "I cannot even begin to describe how much love I have for Loren. We have a long road ahead but I am already so proud of him! He continues to pucker up over and over for kisses, which is breathtaking and seems to have his sense of humor still. Richard told him no kisses from him and he smiled. We are trying to get the communication down, but this may take awhile. He is simply amazing and I cannot believe God blessed me with such a strong man."

Daddy and his little man.
Daddy's girl for life.

I leave with you with this quote from a wrestling icon and legend, Dan Gable: 

"Most men stop when they begin to tire. 
Good men go until they are going to collapse. 
But the very best know that the mind tires
before the body, and push themselves farther
and farther, beyond all limits.
Only when these limits are shattered

can the unattainable be reached."

 So lets, reach the unattainable and shatter some limits together. Donate today, pray today and remember that as human beings we are to love one another with all our hearts. Reach out to those around you and tell them how special they are. Also, if you read this blog today post a comment that Richard and Megan can share with Loren to help him know we are all praying for his recovery. 

"Thank you to everyone for all the prayers and support we couldn't do this without you.
 God Bless!!!!!!!" Richard Lettington.
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