Sunday, February 26, 2012

A First Impression of Mrs. G

Reading and writing are so important, and I know that without the ability to do both life is much harder.  However, while reading and responding to The Freedom Writer's Diary, I found a student's response so moving it made the whole world stop. My head was spinning, and I was reminded why I even became a teacher in the first place. The desire to teach was sparked when I was just a sad little first grader, struggling to survive heartbreak and tragedy. My father was killed in a train collision that year, and my heart was broken and fear had entered my world. I had an amazing first grade teacher, Mrs. Frederick, who got me through that horrible year of my life.  (I will publish the story of Mrs. Frederick this week as well so be looking for it!)

So, this past week the students were reading about first impressions and the ideas we get in mind about a person. We were discussing the first impressions we get as children versus the impressions we build as prejudice enters our world.  The discussion was powerful to say the least.  Then, I had them each choose a teacher they have had or currently have and write what they thought of that teacher to begin with and write if their opinion changed as they got to know them. The information was eye-opening, funny at times, and intriguing.

It was not until I got to the last journal entry,  and found this from a student I am always praying for. A student who has dealt with so much pain, rejection, loss and fear in life I cannot even fathom the life he has had.  I was moved to tears once again, and I sat unmoving at my desk. I was torn on whether I should share the thoughts of my student or not. However, I do know this, someone out there may get some strength from this writing. Maybe a parent will read this and know how important loving your child unconditionally actually is. Or maybe there is a teacher out there just needing encouragement or a renewed sense of purpose during the last part of the school year.

Therefore,  I have removed any placing information, and anything that includes personal details about the student. I am typing the response as it was written, spelling and all.

Mrs. Gardner - My third hour teacher when I first came her to this school. She had a sertan glow to her, that I could relate to. Then she came to shake my hand, Right away I thought she got tougt good manners when she was young. An I figured out it was her first year at this school too. Right away I knew she was good people. My impretion know is that she wasn't just a good person. She was that one in a million that cares about people for no reuson. I can tell shes a great hearted person and is a great mom. I wish that I had her as a mom growing up. I wouldnt be this messed up know. 

God be with these kids who face a life of hardship, and bless them with someone who cares for them. Someone who cares for them regardless of their mistakes, and loves them for the person they are not who they were. Love them for who they are and not what society hopes they will become. Give them someone who can help them see how special they truly are. Please Lord bless the kids who are hurting today.